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As tree experts and tree lovers quite frankly we just thought it would not be right for us to go ahead and avoid this. We know that at times you are going to need to get rid of a tree. You are not going to be able to avoid that, especially if it because of a health issue that you are going to get rid of the tree. You should have the opportunity to plant a new tree in its place though. That opportunity is exactly what we are keen on providing for our clients.

Tree Planting & Transplanting

You Choose The Type of Tree That You Want!

We have the ability to get different types of trees that are either developing or just strong enough so that we can plant them at a new permanent location. This gives you the power to chose what type of tree you want us to plant on your property. There are more common types of trees that we handle. So, those we will have planted on your property by the next day. If you are looking for a more exotic tree to plant on your property though we recommend that you let us know ahead of time. That way we can make sure we have one available for you!

Tree For New Homes

It is not only the type of tree that you are going to be able to choose. We actually really appreciate it when we get the opportunity to come into a new home where people are basically just building their garden. We can take time to plan everything out so that you can have a garden full of wonderful trees in a couple of years. We offer this particular service to private homeowners of course, but also to all sorts of business owners. We have had the privilege to work in places like parks and golf courses.

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This service involves taking a grown tree and removing it from its original location to place it in an entirely new location. This is one of the best alternatives to tree removal. If you want to remove a healthy tree to a new location because it is currently in the way of something that you want to build you don’t need literally kill the tree. You can just get it moved to a place where it won’t be generating any trouble. We can actually do this with older trees as well to put them in a place where they won’t be as exposed to heavy winds or rain!

Planting or Transplanting Outside Your Property

We do have certain alternatives where people can adopt a tree that you are thinking about removing. There are other times where we can set up a planting service for you outside of your property. This is for those of you who may feel a little guilty when having to remove a tree. We know the feeling so we give you the chance to plant one in a new location! 

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