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This is one of the services that we provide where that phrase that we always use becomes really relevant. What we normally say is something along the lines of, “ We know that a lot of people can do the same things that we do, but not all of them can do it our way!”. The reason that we think this phrase applies to cabling and bracing is the fact that we have seen multiple failed attempts at cabling or adding support systems in particular. You have probably seen them as well. A lot of people like to attach small wooden sticks to trees and try and keep them upright. Just because the tree does not end up falling does not mean that the attempt was actually successful!

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Spotting A Problem On Time

This is obvious, but the quicker you spot an issue with your tree the easier it is going, to be to correct it. Since most of the things that we handle with our braces and cables have to with growing and development issues you can be that we want to straighten things out as quick as we can. We say this literally speaking. That is why we believe it is so important that you don’t sleep on these issues. Let us know when you notice abnormal conditions!

Your Tree Is Not Branching Out

This is one of the toughest ones to spot for a lot of people. Especially those of you that may not have the experience with trees to be able to know what it is normal and what isn’t. Any time though that you start seeing a tree that is growing in opposite directions especially when this happens at a low area of the tree trunk that may mean you have a problem and not a branch growing. If you call in time we can apply braces to bring it back together!

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Constant Tree Care

When we decided that we are going to apply a brace on a tree we are going to have to go through an entire process. It is highly unlikely that a brace will be able to have a long-lasting effect on a tree in just a couple of days. Remember when you wore braces and you had to go to the orthodontist every month so that he or she could tighten up the braces? Well, we have to go through a similar process with trees. The whole idea behind this constant care is to make sure that enough pressure is being applied to the point where the brace is going to be effective.

Sick or Developing Trees

For the most part, these two types of trees are the ones that are going to need the most help. What we want to make sure that people understand though is the fact that you should not sleep on your trees. We are not the kind of company that is going to make up problems just to get paid. Getting your trees checked out though once in a while won’t hurt!     

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