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​When you are going to hire any type of service it is hard to find that right company for the job sometimes. There are companies out there that are going to try and lure clients in by boasting that they have the best prices. Others may talk about the “added value” that their services bring to the table. In both of these cases, there are arguments to be made that question the true nature of these proposals. If you are being offered below market prices can you expect above average quality, probably not! When it comes to added value, did you ever stop and think if you need those add ons? If you are looking for the best Louisville tree services, you have come to the right place and here is why!

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About Us

We are about done talking down the competition it's about time that we let you know what we bring to the table! What we bring to the table is very, very simple. We have a group of guys that real pros when it comes to tree service and landscaping. We focus all of our attention on the things that are important to you! All of our services are tailored to fit the needs that you the client have expressed to us. We are a client first company that is what we are all about!

Our Services

There are plenty of things that can go into tree care and overall landscaping. We could objectively say that we are able to help people with 99.9% of those needs. From things like trimming and pruning trees to removing or relocating trees altogether. We really make an emphasis on the different ways that we can trim trees and plants to achieve all different types of looks. 

Emergency Tree Removal

If you are looking to remove a tree quickly we are definitely the guys that you are going to want to call. Whether it be removing a tree that is still attached to the ground or a tree that has been uprooted and is currently sitting in the middle of your driveway or on your roof we can help get it out of your way. We have dealt with many delicate situations over the years. So you can bet that we have seen a thing or two. Our guys are always available to provide these types of services!

​Tree Trimming and Pruning

Just about anyone with a decent set of tools will be able to trim some trees and plants. As we always say, we understand that what we do is not exactly rocket science. The thing is just trimming trees without a real of fashion, or what effects your actions could have on the tree’s overall health can be a very bad idea. We have proven to be a company that is able to get these types of jobs done right. Providing optimal results that allow the trees that are sitting on your property to really stand out.

​Stump Removal and Grinding

If there is one taboo subject in tree care it would definitely have to be, stumps. The one thing that we know for certain is that if you are not able to care for them properly they can become a total mess. Since they will just look like they are trunks that are just in the way. That is where our grinding services come in. It is very important that you have people who know how to get this job done properly. When you grind a stump you shouldn’t cause major damages to the area around it. You can be sure that we know how to do things the right way!

Tree Planting & Transplanting

This is another one of those issues that we handle that happens to be a lot more common than most people think. There is a lot of paint that has lead in it and can be potentially dangerous when inhaled. The thing is removing this paint is usually not as easy as painting over it. The effects of the paint can still be felt if you try and fix the issue in that manner. So that is why we would recommend that you give us a call and let us take care of the problem for you!

​Crown Thinning Tree

An excess amount of water entering pretty much any area but a pool is going to be a problem. For carpets that get overly wet, it almost always spells total doom. The first thing that you are going to want to do in the event of a flood is to make sure that you can get all of the water out and start drying out all of the excessively wet areas. That is exactly where we are going to start.

​Cabling and Bracing

There are times were certain trees are going to need some extra help staying upright or literally not falling apart. In these cases what we can do is add support systems or braces to help them either stay upright or even grow in the right direction. Allowing you to have a little more control about the way that your trees and plants are going to grow and develop! 

​Now, that you have gotten a chance to see a little bit more about what we can actually bring to the table as a company you may want to give us a call or contact us to schedule a service. Remember we are a time of certified pros that can help you with virtually any type of situation that you may be facing!

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